About Chris Cook

Sales Representative

Olympic Level Real Estate 


If you’re interested in buying selling investing or building, my experience together 
with the Coldwell Banker resources are the perfect starting and end point for your 
needs. Clients choose to work with me because of my personalized approach to 
each of their needs; I’ll be with you every step of the way. 

In my previous life I competed as an Olympic Athlete and later transitioned to a role 
as a national team coach for Canada and Denmark. I’ve worked with youth athletes 
all the way through to Olympic medalists with the key to success being dedication to 
the individual and a high standard for my level of service to that individual. 

There are many aspects of my past experiences that I bring forward to serve you the 
client better the five most valuable are: 

1. The importance of qualified professionals dedicated to your success. 
2. Preparation for and full understanding of the process to achieve the desired 
result in a timely manner. 
3. Integrity and ethics in all parts of the process. 
4. How to work with individuals through clear communication and diligent 
5. Superior negotiation skills under pressure. 

My passion for real estate runs deep. I love every aspect of the market, especially the 
complexities and niche markets here in Toronto. Every house is different and thus 
specifically suited to particular clients. 
My belief is that real estate should be about building relationships with people, 
delivering real value for commissions and staying on past the point where the job is 
done if necessary. I strive to provide a level of all round service that you will feel 
comfortable recommending to your closest friends and family. 

 Chris Cook 

Sales Representative 
Coldwell Banker – The Real Estate Centre